Thursday, 20 December 2007

Sarah Alya: A 4x4 Mini Album

I made a small chipboard album for my cousin's daughter, Sarah Alya. She is such a beautiful girl and photographs really well that it was a pleasure to make her this gift. It's a decorated double sided 4x4 chipboard squares connected by a strand of ribbon.

Here I made a shaker box using painted and stamped chipboard frame, some sequins and acetate sheet to cover on top.


teacher jessy said...

Hi Yatie! Your creations are beautiful! I enjoyed looking at it. Hope to see more!

chowchow said...

Hi Yatie - may I ask where you get the acetate sheet? Thanks.

yatiedin said...

Hi Jessy. Thanks for the compliments. You should try it. This one is really simple..

the acetate is actually tranparency acetate. I bought them a long time ago for printing to use on an OHP. You can get them at a stationery shop, I think. But if you want the propper acetate for SB, I think SBM in OU has them. Hope that helps :D

kazenmu said...

I think I know this girl...hihihihi!


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