Friday, 28 December 2007

Brag Book - Accordion Tag Album

I made a brag book for my mom and called it Mak Tok's Brag Book. It's filled with lots and lots of pictures of her grandchildren. We all know how much grandmas like to brag to their friends about the grandchildren. Well, this time my mom can not only brag about them, but also show pictures of them. I hope she likes it.

I used a ribbon and connected the two ends with Queen&Co's Hook Ups - Hottie List and secured it with a snap button


chowchow said...

What did you us for the cover Yatie? Is it batik fabric? I love it! This is so original combining sewing techniques on the ribbon. Good job.

naddy said...

yatie, this is very nice... so creative lah you :)

Yatie said...

Thank you, ladies.

That is not fabric, my dear. That is MM pattern paper (MM Maddi-Paisley). Very nice ya?


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