Monday, 3 December 2007


A layout I made for my adorable nephew Irfan. It was kinda a surprise present for his parents for Irfan's first birthday in November.

Again I stamped blue ink on the alphas and embossed the silver dots on them.

Here I took a piece of white cardstock and stuck the word 'boy' on it. Stamped the whole piece with blue ink and sprinkle some clear embossing powder all over and heat. When it's harden, I used tweezers to pick out the stickers. And voila!! It gives a negative effect.


scrapaholic said...

hi there..i'm a silent reader and i love to read ur blog and sgt suka tgk ur cantik! and so creative la the way u buat the word BOY tu..should try some day but firstly kena beli the heat tool la kan..hehe..keep up d good work! :)

Yatie said...

hi scrapaholic. Thanks for being a reader. Much appreciated.
Yes, that technique I read in a magazine and thought it would be great to try. You should try it too. Feel free to link back to me so that I'll get a chance to see your creations too..


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