Friday, 14 December 2007

Another Mystery Box

I got back from KL last night. It was a long and tiring drive with rain pouring all the way. But what a nice welcoming home feeling when I saw a 'mystery box' waiting for me. Yeay!! Finally it has arrived.

Yes, bought myself another mystery box off eBay last month. But admittedly this wasn't as nice as the first one. Loads of stickers though. Some papers, a packet of eyelets, a packet of snaps, a packet of lovely blue bling-blings, a book of Making Memories alpha rub ons and more and more.

Oh, and also a cute blue and brown scrapping tote.

Sticker Albums

Now that I've got loads of stickers, I'm finding it hard to store them neatly. I used to keep them in a clear folder but I find that they keep sliding in and out of the pouches. And the folders is getting really fat. So last night I made an album for the little ones like Jolee's Boutique etc. I've made two and planning to make more for the alphas and numbers. It's easy to browse through and are not so thick and fat.


chowchow said...

wow - nice mystery box. Guess you are brave enough to buy that Yatie. I am so glad that you had a safe drive home.

Great job on the org of stickers. You did so well with that!

Yatie said...

Thanks, but this box is actually not as good as the first one I bought. Now.. that one was the greatest!! All such lovely stuff in it.

spectacularwave said...

really creatively neat and organized.. album sticker dia pun cantik...

Yatie said...

hehee.. thanks, spec


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