Tuesday, 27 May 2008

ScrappingGlitz's DT

There's going to be a new online store, called ScrappingGlitz, in town. They have been looking for scrappers to make the Design Team and I submitted some LOs to be considered. The announcement came out yesterday and guess what? I made it!! Wohoo!!

I'm excited to be on board the ScrappingGlitz team and would like to thank Nadhrah and Ruslina for this opportunity.

So come and check out ScrappingGlitz on June 15th, which is the official launching date.
There is also ScrappingGlitz Forum, where everyone can come together to share and be inspired.
And don't forget to check out ScrappingGlitz Blog for updates.

Thursday, 22 May 2008


This my first try at a canvas layout... not counting the 4x4 canvas work I learned at Scrappingville crop party. This canvas is 8x10 inches. It's for a challenge hosted by ChowChow in Scrap-n-Crop Forum. We are to make a layout around the saying
"There is no measure greater than this: the joy that comes from a child's happiness"

The whole quote has to be in the layout. I used those tiny alpha punches and what tedious work that was. (Mich... my thumb is sore and stiff from all the punching... hope you appreciate that :D).
But I love this layout.. not much technique except the painting of the background and I used Tsukineko Brilliance ink to ink the edges and some parts of the canvas to give that shimmery look.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Rebel Against The System

Here's a layout of my uncle, G who for the first time in his life is allowed to have his hair long... well, longER than usual is more like it.

As he is very into music, I though an Autumn Leaves pp with music notes and a grunge looking layout is most appropriate. I recently took a class with Ellen Heaney in distressing techniques and applied it here. Sanded the wordings REBEL and SYSTEM to distress it more.

A Quick Fit-It Job

I found this photo of Nadiah trying to fix her t-shirt with a cellophane tape. She has always believed that anything can be fixed with a little strip of cellophane tape. If she breaks her crayon, she doesn't cry because it can be put back together with cellophane tape. If she breaks her CD.. no problem coz cellophane tape is always available. So I have to make sure that we have cellophane tape ALL the time in the room. I also have a little one in my bag too... just in case ;D

Friday, 16 May 2008

The Simple Pleasures (and pains) of Motherhood

This is my take for Scrap Inspire Create May Challenge. Since May is the month to celebrate mothers, SIC has come out with a challenge to scrap about oneself if one is a mother. So this is me as a mother. It's a simple layout with a little bit of cutting and a bunch of pasting and rubbing...

Cat In A Dress

Finished another 12x12 layout today. Pictures show Nadiah having a cheeky time putting on her baby dress on her stuffed cat.

You're An Original

For the month of May, I am hosting a challenge in Lovescrap Forum. This time the challenge is to create a 12x12 LO, a card and a bookmark from 2 cardstocks and 2 patterned papers.

I chose a brown and a green cardstock and 2 Making Memories patterned papers from the Noteworthy collection

Here are my takes:

12x12 LO



Latest Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak of my latest work for Scrappingville. All I can say is that it's very dear to my heart and it's black and white...

Sneak Peak Revealed- Simple Pleasures Album, Perfect Spots & Welly Good Time

I just realised that I've posted many sneak peaks previously but have not revealed them. Therefore, here are the layouts and album that I've made...

Simple Pleasures 5x7 Alternate Page Chipboard Album
An album made for Scrappingville and is now on showcase at the shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Perfect Spots - 12x12 Layout
A layout also made for Scrappingville

Welly Good Time - 8x8 Layout
Layout made for a challenge at Lovescrap Forum

Thanks for looking :D

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

With Love

Here's my take for a challenge hosted by Jazz in Scrap N Crop. We are to scrap an old photo, using at least 2 Basic Grey papers and and type of journaling.

It's a picture of me and Mak when I was a wee tiny baby.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Tag for Dina

Made this a few weeks ago for Kak Dina from Brunei when she came to KL.

Sorry, the picture is not so clear. Took this picture off Dina's blog coz I forgot to snap a picture before giving it to her.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Danger Danger

This month I was invited to be the Guest DT for Scrappin Kids. The challenge is called Darnest May. Kids say the darnest things sometimes and we are to scrap about that.

My take is about Nadiah's obsession with her pc, which nobody can touch when she's using it. One time when Irfan, her 1 yr old cousin, tried to play around with the keyboard and mouse, she cried out "Danger! Danger!"
We were all laughing our hearts because we never imagine she actually know the word danger!

Happy Tied-Up Card

Ida from Lovescrap held an online crop last Friday. She taught us to make these lovely alphabet cards joined together by ribbons to make out a word.

Here's my take:

Whoopsie!!! I ran out of the blue ribbon.

Is It Dried?, Thanks To You

It's the month of May. And this month we celebrate the National Scrapbooking Day on the 2nd May. It's my first and I didn't expect there was to be a special day for SB. But it's the time when all scrapbookers scrap in a frenzy. I'm having my share of running around in a frenzy trying to finish projects and it ends tonight at midnight... thank god!!

There are some challenges that I wished I had taken part but I know I will not have time to do it. So here are some of the LOs I've made for this weekend

Is It Dried?
This was held by Divascrapper at Lovescrap Forum. For this challenge, we are to scrap a photo that depicts a funny moment. I chose a picture of Nadiah waiting for her cat to dry after a thorough washing

Thanks To You
Another challenge held by Divascrapper. We are to scrap around a song title or lyrics. I chose Richar Marx's Thanks To You

Thanks To You
My love for you will live in my heart
Until eternity's through....
I see your smile in the eyes of my child
I am who I am
Mama, thanks to you


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