Monday, 5 May 2008

Tag for Dina

Made this a few weeks ago for Kak Dina from Brunei when she came to KL.

Sorry, the picture is not so clear. Took this picture off Dina's blog coz I forgot to snap a picture before giving it to her.


chowchow said...

lovely tag dear...

fliffy said...

yatie !!! luvly semua works you,,suka sgt,,,,,,nanti hrp2 dpt meet up semua kawan2 lovescrap
buat meet up crop plak... hehehe
thanks dear for ur inspiration


Yatie said...

Thank, Mich!!

Thanks, Fliffy. Yes, hope we'll be able to meet up someday!!

iza said...

hello yatie,

i admire ur work here. wondering if i can link ur page to mine?

Yatie said...

sure, Iza. Thank you.

iza said...

thnx yatie


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