Thursday, 22 May 2008


This my first try at a canvas layout... not counting the 4x4 canvas work I learned at Scrappingville crop party. This canvas is 8x10 inches. It's for a challenge hosted by ChowChow in Scrap-n-Crop Forum. We are to make a layout around the saying
"There is no measure greater than this: the joy that comes from a child's happiness"

The whole quote has to be in the layout. I used those tiny alpha punches and what tedious work that was. (Mich... my thumb is sore and stiff from all the punching... hope you appreciate that :D).
But I love this layout.. not much technique except the painting of the background and I used Tsukineko Brilliance ink to ink the edges and some parts of the canvas to give that shimmery look.


iza said...

lovely canvas yatie.ur first try doesn look like first try to me.macam pro je....ur color blending,love how it turn out.cantik.
: )

chowchow said...

Lovely canvas Yatie. Love the texture. My 2 fave colours and how did you do the alphas?

n said...

yatie, lovely canvas!! cun cun :) nice colours... wahhh mesti penat kan punch the alphas... i pun dah lama x guna my QK...

jazsutra said...

hi look at all the fabulous work u have here...ure talented kawan!and oso i muz thank you for the Rak.truly appreciate.make me happy oni lar!thx!

klavu said...

i lurve all ur LO, is it too much to ask, if u can show how u did it please please please


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