Wednesday, 7 May 2008

With Love

Here's my take for a challenge hosted by Jazz in Scrap N Crop. We are to scrap an old photo, using at least 2 Basic Grey papers and and type of journaling.

It's a picture of me and Mak when I was a wee tiny baby.


chowchow said...

Lovely lo Yatie. I love your mom- she is so beautiful!! And you were such a beautiful baby too... I really could pinch those cheeks.

Love all the cutouts and layering - great job!

Anonymous said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog. I like your use of bright colours on your lo. Also love your mini albums.

A question for you. Are there any scrapbook stores in Singapore? From your blog I was able to get names of two stores in Malaysia, but since I'll be visiting only S'pore, I thought I'd ask.

Thanks much,
Priya from India

Yatie said...

Thanks, Mich. You're so sweet to say so. Muwahhhh!!!

Yatie said...

Hi Priya. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank yu for the lovely comments.
Yes, there are a few SB store in Singapore. I do not know their exact location but you can check these websites

Laine's Papeteri

Made With Love

I think there are a couple more but am not sure of their names. Hope these helps.

Hope you have a good trip to Singapore and happy shopping!!

dina shariff said...

hi yatie..wahhh such a nice LO, your mum is soo beautiful mcm yatie jugak,all the best to kak dina

fun fliffy said...

i have something for you at my page to give out to ur love one

iza said...

wa yatie, i loovvvee this lo. Great layering, great cutout and great story for a wonderful person.
lovely lovely...
big smile

Liza said...

Gorgeous page as usual, Yatie! Love your cut outs!

Yatie said...

Thanks, kak dina. All the best to you too!

Thanks, Fliffy. I'll go check it out

Thanks, Iza. Since this month we ar celebrating Mother's Day, I'll be doing a lot of LOs on motherhood.

Thanks, Liza!! I'm learning from the pros like you!! :D

Vivs said...

yatie this lo is lovely and has special meaning. you did awesome.


iza said...

helo yatie,

happy mom's day yatie. have fun k.
: )

n said...

eh my comments ilang mana ek uhuhu anyway lovely2 los... so comel je you and ur mom cantikk

Yatie said...

Thanks, Vivs!!

Thanks, Iza. And Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

Thanks, Nad

Asmahani said...

yatie, lovely. Your mom is so lovely, and baby u is so cute. :)

Yatie said...

Thank you, Asmahani :D

snazzynsuch said...

so so pretty!


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