Sunday, 4 May 2008

Is It Dried?, Thanks To You

It's the month of May. And this month we celebrate the National Scrapbooking Day on the 2nd May. It's my first and I didn't expect there was to be a special day for SB. But it's the time when all scrapbookers scrap in a frenzy. I'm having my share of running around in a frenzy trying to finish projects and it ends tonight at midnight... thank god!!

There are some challenges that I wished I had taken part but I know I will not have time to do it. So here are some of the LOs I've made for this weekend

Is It Dried?
This was held by Divascrapper at Lovescrap Forum. For this challenge, we are to scrap a photo that depicts a funny moment. I chose a picture of Nadiah waiting for her cat to dry after a thorough washing

Thanks To You
Another challenge held by Divascrapper. We are to scrap around a song title or lyrics. I chose Richar Marx's Thanks To You

Thanks To You
My love for you will live in my heart
Until eternity's through....
I see your smile in the eyes of my child
I am who I am
Mama, thanks to you


naddy said...

more lovely LOs.... cantikkk

Yatie said...

Thanks again, Nad

chowchow said...

Your los are rocking my dear yatie - love them all!!!

Yatie said...

Thanks, Mich!!

iza said...

cantiknye sume lo awak..
lovely lovely

Yatie said...

Thanks, Iza :D


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