Sunday, 16 September 2007

Maya Road 6x6 Mini Album

These arrived on Wednesday from Scrappingville. I so loved the mini book binder when I first did the Book of Dania Mini Album that I has to have 2 more to make for Nadiah. I called up Scrappingville and asked if they could mail the albums to me and they did. Thanks very much to Yazmin for being ever so helpful.

I have not decided what album they would be on but I can imagined it would be very colourful indeed. At the moment I've got to give scrapbooking a second place for I've got loads of beading to do till hari raya. I'm forcing myself not to pick up any tools or look 
through the magazines that I'm practically shaking with scrapbooking withdrawl symptoms... hehee!!


The Newborn Scrapper said...

Yatie, nampak menarik laa mini book ni.. if you don't mind, can tell me the price?

Yatie said...

sure, sure. It's RM34.80 each

The Newborn Scrapper said...

Noted! Thanks Yatie :)


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