Sunday, 16 September 2007

A Great Alternative

A few weeks ago, my  husband saw this

in a scrapbook magazine and asked what it was. So I explained to him that it was a planning board with super strong magnets that would keep all the papers and embelishments in place without adhering any of them. It gives you freedom to move everything around in case you change your mind about the layout. He just nodded and continue browing the magazine.

So one day, we were out shopping and was passing through the stationery section, he came up to me with these:

I was confused at first until he explained that the magnetic board and magnets could be alternatives to the Show and Tell Box. So he got it for me... well, he got it OFF the shelves for me but I still had to pay for them. Hey, it's a cheap alternative and it works almost the same!!

But I'm most happy because first, I got him reading a scrapbook magazine; and second, he remembers what he reads and was even interested in offering ideas to better my scrapbooking projects. That is just great. Before long, I'll have him buying tools and supplies for me... heheehe!!

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