Monday, 24 September 2007


I was in Penang on Saturday and took a quick visit to Smidapaper. Gosh! What a lovely store they have and the owners are just lovely. There were so
many stuff to look through in my limited time and was spoiled for choice.
I managed to grab some stamping supplies, chipboards, embossing supplies and a few others. Spent up to.... well let's just say that I collected 29 stamps in their new Best Friend Program.
You do the math.

To I-Mei, Esther and company.... thanks for a lovely treatment. I'll definately be back!!


hani said...

wow, bestnya yatie!! i nampak u dah beli heating tool tu.. u collected 29 stamps huu? WHOAAA!!

Yatie said...

hi hani,
Yes I bought the heating tool. Dah lama dok teringin nak buat embossing. And finally dapat buat dah. Tu yg the new mini album tu you can see on the cover I ada buat embossing.


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