Monday 9 September 2013

Altered Notebook and Altered Canvases

I made a few projects yesterday. I said a few because they were many and all are small projects that I finished them all in just a few hours. 

First I made an altered notebook, after watching a video tutorial on YouTube by a Swirlydoos Design Team member. HERE is the video. Do catch the video. It's simple but the result is pretty.

This is my take:

When I was done with the notebook and waiting for the ink and glue to dry, I went on to alter 3 tiny canvases. Each are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" size and just so adorable.

The first canvas, 'YESTERDAY', I spritzed the backgrounds with a few colours of Glimmer Mists and stamped with Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous stamps. Then I attached a beautiful cameo pendant on the canvas.

The second canvas, 'TODAY', I again spritzed a few colours of Glimmer Mists but when it's dried, I stamped the whole thing with embossing ink and sprinkled with clear embossing powder. Once I heat it, it gives a nice slick and shiny effect which I like very much. Then I adhered a felt and word stickers and I was done with it.

The last canvas, 'FUTURE', I stamped with embossing ink and sprinkled a few colours of Tim Holtz Distress embossing powder and heat it. Then I stamped with embossing ink again and sprinkled clear embossing powder and heat again. The result is a grainy background but at the same time looks like it's wet with water. Very nice!

 See how tiny these canvases are. All three fit into the palm of my hand. So cute!!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I make small collages for gifts!
i really like your take on these small works : )

Unknown said...

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