Saturday, 17 January 2009

Online Crop at BSF

Last Thursday I took part in an online crop hosted by Jazz over at BSF. As usual, we have to take up the challenge of finishing a layout within an hour with little twists and turns. There were three layouts to do and three whole hours of everyone going frantic trying to figure out what to put on a layout while at the same time glancing at the clock every other minute. But it was fun although I didn't have much MOJO that night and was practically sticking whatever within reach of my hands. Just could not be creative that night.

Even so, I managed to win a prize for finishing first in the third round, although my LO was so blurghhh!! Thank you, Jazz for hosting such a cool crop and for the prize. Congrats to the other winners: Zizi, Janiah, Wati and Eirnna. And well done to the others too for churning out LOs after beautiful LOs that night.

Here are my takes, although I did some repair here and there to the layouts the next morning but you can see all the LOs for that night here. I only did 2 LOs because I was busy with Nadiah in the first round and opted out of that round.

Challenge #2:
Let's Smile!
Let the word SMILE be the feature for this challenge.
BUT there is a have to use these elements in your LO:
2 ribbons
4 buttons
6 flowers
only patterned papers - NO cardstocks
and there must be journaling in your layout

Love these multiple faces of Nadiah's

Online Challenge #3:
Layer it on!
We're gonna layer away here!
But here's what you gotta use in your layered LO:
- 3 pics
- more than 3 papers (cardstock or patterned papers)
- 10 flowers or more
THE TWIST: I wanna see lots of layered effects here! Let your creativity loose!!

Target: 100 LOs
Done: 15 LOs
To do: 85 LOs


MariaFaizal said...

These are the outcomes when you're not in the zone? Oh Yatie, they're fantastic! Hmmm...trying to visualize if u've got the MOJO at the time *xoxoxo*

Chowchow said...

I can't believe that you can scrap so beautifully under duress. Yatie - you are such a good scrapper!!!

Yatie said...

Thank you, ladies. But remember, these have been 'touched up' so they look a little better than they did..

Vivs said...

hehehe! Congratz yatie!! Amazing result within a short time!! Love the snapshots of Nadiah! Sassafras cutouts goes well with your page!! wuhooo

Yatie said...

Thanks, Vivs!! I have to admit that Nadiah is not the most photogenic person in the world. 9 out of 10 her pics are always unscrappable.. hahaa!!

Naddy said...

yatie, gorgeous LOs as always! ;) btw ive an award for u

Jasmin said...

Yatie babe, your so-called 'bleurgh' LOs I'm afraid is not bleurgh to me!! LOL!!
I am aware that you did some touch-up but I've seen the original ones...don't know how to managed to cutout those Sassafras PPs under such time constraint!
Overall, thanks so so much for being at BSF! It's a real honour to have you with us there!
lotsa hugs

Yatie said...

Awwww, Jazz. You say the nicest things. But the honour is all mine!! Thank you! Hugs!!

Thanks, Nad. I'll go and check it out!!


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