Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekend Challenges @ ScrappinKids

Last weekend I entered some challenges by the DTs of ScrappinKids at their forum. Challenges were posted on Saturday 8pm and are to be finished by 5pm the next day. I registered for the challenges a week ago and totally forgot about it until I checked the forum threads early Sunday morning. The trouble was, I was away from home and my scrapping table. I only got home around 12.30pm and rushed to do the challenges. I managed to scrapped 4 LOs and 1 card, took pictures, upload and post on the respective threads with just 5 minutes to spare. But I have to admit that all through the morning I sketched and planned which pictures and papers to used and how to embellish the LOs. It made my work easier and I spend less time on each LOs.

These were the challenges:

"The Que Sera Sera Challenge:
Remember the song Que Sera Sera? Whatever will be will be...
Well - I want the participants to d a layout of what the kids aspire to be when they grow up. It can be like like - he may want to be Bob the Builder or he may have an ambition to be a Policeman. I think it will be quite fun..."

"Just make a 1-photo LO about your kid/s but the photo size should NOT BE SMALLER than 4r (4x6). It can be bigger, of course. And you have to use your own handmade embellishment/s. And also, there should be journalling."

Cookie & Issa
"guess what's Cookie and I's favorite scrapbooking elements? The thing that we love working on in our pages?" They has some example LO and the only thing I could see in every LOs are multiple photos. So that's what I did.

"We rarely scrap about our fears or phobias. How about letting out some of those fears/phobias or maybe just your fear/phobia in a layout.
To create a 12x12 Layout and tell us about your FEAR(S) or PHOBIA(S). Do include a Journaling in your layout."

"Making shaped cards is a lot of fun!!
For this challenge your card needs to be shaped like an item-not square / rectangle.
It can be round, shape of a house, heart, etc.
One more twist to this is that you have to include an owl in your card."

Target: 100 LOs
Done: 19 LOs
To do: 81 LOs


Naddy said...

OMG, u superwoman! ehehehe all are gorgeous yatie!!! chantekkkk

Mia Castrillo said...

Love all your layouts, Yatie! I will definitely be frequenting your blog from now on. :-)

Yatie said...

Thanks, Nad. Hahaa.. yeah, that's me.. superwoman!! Wohoo!!

Thanks, Mia. You're welcome here anytime!!

Chowchow said...

Woohoo - babe... Congrats !!!

Yatie said...

Thanks, babe!!

Jasmin said...

oh wow!! like so many eye-candy man!! You will definitely reach your target for 2009 in no time at all!!
Btw, love the idea that you put the target countdown at the bottom right of your post.
I'd like to do that too in my blog...would you mind?

Yatie said...

Yeah, sure babe. Go ahead. It's just that it will easier for me to keep track. If not I'll be forever counting my LOs.. hehee!!


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