Saturday, 17 January 2009

Gift Exchange

Some time ago, I made a little canvasses for Nad and I've forgotten to post it up here. It's 4 little canvas measuring at 2"x2" each and mounted on a 5"x5" canvas.

When I met up with her to give her the canvas, surprise surprise, she also had a little something for me. It's a beautifully decorated cheeseboard. I love the stamping on the background. Such a cool technique she applied. Thanks, Nad!!


Chowchow said...

Total coolness swap! Both the creations are unique in their own way. You 2 ladies are ROCKING in the sb world...

Jasmin said...

Oh my!! Lucky Nad!!
Nothing beats receiving a gift from the heart! love it!

Yatie said...

Thanks, ladies!! :D


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