Tuesday, 13 January 2009

100 Layouts For 2009

Some of my friends are setting up their New Year's Scrapping Resolution for 2009 and I think it's a wonderful idea. I am planning to scrap more this year and to take more photos and this seems like a great idea to pledge to.

Wati is targeting to make 100 layouts for the year. Jazz has hers at 38. Mich is also setting hers at 100 but at a more relaxed pace. Like me, she does a lot of mini albums and altered projects as well. Those would count too, e.g. :

1) One mini album = 5 layouts
2) A simple altered item = 3 layouts
3) A large altered item = 5 layouts.

I think Mich's way suits me better.

100 layouts means an average of 8-9 LOs a month. So far I've done 1 mini album (5), 2 layouts (2) and one altered project (3) as a wedding gift for my cousin, which I will post here once I've handed it to her. So that means I'm at 10 LOs for January today, which also means that I have passed the average figure. Guess I'm doing just great so far....


Naddy said...

wuhoooo cool resolution... i think mich n urs achievable... let see if i can join in the fun LOL so far ive only done 2 los ahahahha

Yatie said...

Yes, yes, join in the fun. We'll encourage each other and pester each other.. hahaa!! Alah.. still long time to go, am sure you can catch up fast!!

Jasmin said...

wah!! 100 creations and Nad thinks is achievable!??! of course I totally agree!!
LOL!! with the rate that you create...I believe that will be reached in no time.
I definitely won't target for 100 yet..let's see first la!
I'll try achieve 38 this year...maybe next year 100 or 39?!?! LOL!!

Yatie said...

Alah Jazz.. my target includes altered projects and mini albums too. That's why I seem to be doing a lot of LOs. But then you never know.. my mojo might just fly away and I'll be left in a rut! That's why I'm scrapping like crazy.. to make up for future losses LOL!!!

Hey, 38 LOs also banyak what? You're a working mother of 4 lagi. Plus you have your store... sure busy sangat!!


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