Thursday, 6 May 2010

N - A Canvas From Aida Haron

Ok, I was so excited when Aida pmed me saying that she would be sending a canvas piece that she made for our swap. I have been looking forward to it since she pulled out my name for the swap in December 2009. And finally it's here!! Yipee!!

It's a beautiful piece she made for Nadiah with beautiful details and texture.

Aida is a genius at clustering her embellishment and not make it look like you just dump everything in one corner.. (errr.. I tend to do that!!). It's a mixture of highs and lows to create the perfect dimension.

Thank you once again, Aida for this beautiful canvas and for the whole other stuff for the charity.


Chowchow said...

Now I want one too!!!! My eyes are turning green with ENVY. Thats such a beautiful canvas!

lutingobelin said...

really beautiful this canva, nadiah would be happy

Naddy said...

what a beautiful canvas.... :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW... this is neatly done!!... Awesome... Love it..

teacher jessy said...

Such a beautiful canvas by Aida!! You are so fortunate :)

AA said...

Being your silent reader lately. Not much progress in my creative dpartment. But, i humbly present u this award.

claim it ya. thanks. :-)

Serendipity Blog said...

Your work is fabulous. I love the clean pretty pages you create. I have a design blog and was wondering if it would be okay to post one or two of your pages on my blog?? I would, of course, tell the world where they came from.

Do you have a degree in design?

Susan Kohl

Yatie Tajudin said...

Thank you, everyone. I sure am fortunate indeed.

Hani, will check out the awards. Thanks.

Susan: Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am very honored that you would consider to post my layouts on your blog. Please do take any one of them.
Degree in design? Oh no, definitely not. I actually have a degree in economics, which is as far as it could be from arts.. :D


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