Thursday, 25 June 2009

Perfect Pearls Class

I will be teaching a class on Perfect Pearls in Scrappingville on the 3rd July @ 2pm. If you are interested, please hop over to Scrapinggville's blog and register or just drop by the shop in Bangsar Shopping Center to put your name down.


Shyra said...

Ala cannot join coz working :( saw ur work at SV's blog, nicely done Yatie!

umama said...

First of all let me tell you that I have been having the most craziest and stressful day. My boyfriend called me mid-afternoon to tell me I had a delivery from Malaysia. I was sooo excited! Then I got home, and saw my little package awaiting me and still had no time to sit, because I had to run back out to meet a friend to discuss her wedding plans. When I came back home I was so tired, and I saw my package, and finally had a moment to open.

It is the most gorgeous little cupcake ever. I am so impressed by your skills. It instantly made my mood better. Even my boyfriend, who knew I was having a cruddie day said THANK YOU because you put a huuge smile on my face. :0D

I will only get to cherish it a little bit longer because I decided to give it to my sister. (actually even when I posted for the giveaway I knew I would give it to her if I won, which is why I think I won!) She is the one who introduced me to scrapping, and is amazing at it too! I get to travel a lot, but with a house and two kids, she travels rarely. So she is always excited when I bring her goodies from foreign places. When I told her I won something from a scrapper in Malaysia and that I was giving it to her she was so excited. Malaysia! That is beyond exotic and so awesome to be in touch with someone who is so talented from such a foreign country. I am going to give it to her tomorrow, but I wanted to thank you today. You are amazingly talented... from the tag to the cupcake! Love it!
all the way from New York!


Yatie said...

Thanks, Shyra. It's too bad you could not join. I'm sorry, but that's the only day I can do it as I'll be in KL then. Hopefully another time.

Yatie said...

Hey Nicole.
Your comment just made my day even more beautiful. I am so touched by your wonderful words and even more happy that that little cupcake made your day better.

I think you're such an angel for giving away the cupcake to your sister. Such a wonderful heart you have. I think that's why you won, too. It's your thoughtfulness behind your action that got you the cupcake.

I hope your sister will enjoy the cupcake. Hugs to her and her two kids!!

yyam said...

Wow! This looks gorgeous Yatie! Wish I could attend! Have a nice day dear!

Yatie said...

Thanks, Yvonne. You take care!!

suzann said...

What a gorgeous layout! wow! Have fun with your class!

Naddy said...

Yatie, I have award for you :)

Yatie said...

Thanks, Suzann.

Ok, Nad. Thanks. I'll go check it out.

lutingobelin said...

Hello Yatie ! Happy to know that you received the package. This layout is really gorgeous. Is it possible to have the class on line? lol
Thanks for sharing


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