Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Love Is Album

Sneak peak revealed: an album I made for Scrappingville. It's part of the Valentine's Day themed project. You can check out the actual album at Scrappingville, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center.

Part of the kit that I received was a sheet of 12x12 Hambly Screen Prints Clear Overlay. I loved that overlay!! Cut it down to 6 pieces of 6x4 sheets to make a clear album. I then cut out the cardstocks to form the word LOVE of each section of love in celebration.

I didn't want to overload this post with too many picture, so each page is shown in the slide show below. Enjoy and thanks for looking!!


Anonymous said...
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zmadnan said...

hi yatie,

i came across ur blog from smidapaper. i'm so impressed with ur scrapbook work.

i'm new to this scrapbooking. usually i would go with digital scrapbooking but i'm kind of interested to start with this 'manual' scrapbooking. can u tell me what are the basic tools that i need to begin with? where do i start? where usually u get/buy ur scrapbooking stuff? hope u can help.


Yatie said...

Hi Sue. Thanks for visiting my blog.

For a start there are really a few tools that you would need. The must haves are:
1) Good quality pair o scissors
2) Rule - at least 12" long
3) Adhesive
4) Paper trimmer (or alternatively you can use craft knife and ruler)
5) A journaling pen

I would suggest you get a book/magazine called "Let's Start Scrapooking". It's a good reference for a beginner and what's more, it's cheap. You can get it at Popular, MPH etc

I usually get my stuff either online or at the SB stores whenever I go down to KL or Penang.

I noticed that you have joined SnC forum. Great! Will start a thread to welcome you there.

Hope these help!!

Anonymous said...
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kitkat said...

Hey Yatie, love this Love Album!! Can't wait to see more of your stuff :)


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