Saturday, 2 February 2008

Photo Swap LO

Received my LO from my partner for the photo swap held in the Scrap-N-Crop Forum. It's from Naddy. Thank you, thank you, Nad!! I love it!! Especially that crackled heart!! Gorgeous!! And that painted and stamped 'US'!!

And she also made me this:

I love, love, love this too!! How did you know blue is my favourite colour?? Thanks, babe!!


chowchow said...

Life is good isn't it Yatie? We have nice frens tht would make us beautiful stuff? I feel blessed to have Nad... Cupcakes and then alphas - what's else???

naddy said...

glad you love them yatie...

michelle, dun la me blushing already.... well it's nice to have met all of you thru scrapbooking, something not everyone can understand n appreciate :)

Yatie said...

You said it, Mich!! We are blessed!!

Nad.. meh I make you blush some more.. you're so nice, makes delicious cuppies and gift us with lovely art work!! but you're right, it's been great meeting all of you and having that right connection!!

naddy said...

yes, we all have the connection ehehehe it's good to knw tht i have great friends, coz nowadays susah nak dpt real friends... ehehe

btw i pun tatau blue isur fav colour, main buat aje :)

Lesli said...

What a beautiful LO and Altered Letter - I love all the texture!


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