Sunday, 2 March 2008

C = CAT & Me

This month, Scrappin Kids is having a challenge on favourite things. I thought it is very appropriate to the LO I am working on about Nadiah and her cat. This would also be part of her A-Z album. The truth is, Nadiah has many favourite things which she simply cannot do without. But they come in phases. But a constant "best friend" that has been with her ever since she was a tiny little baby, is a cat (the stuffed kind,of course). Though they change sizes and shape, a cat they have always been. And the colour is usually orangey. She has no particular name for them but simply calls them all "Cat". She takes her cat everywhere she goes but Nadiah does know that she must leave the cat in the car when she's in school. But if the cat is not in the car when I go pick her up, she'll throw a fuss and simply refuse to get in!!

So here's my take:

"Cat" is your best friend. Simply cannot be without it. You will always be seen with "cat", hugging and kissing and sometimes secretly trying to feed it. Your love for "cat" knows no boundary.


Wati Basri said... this!love the pics :)thanks for playing along at Scrappin Kids!!

charlotte said...

What a fun story about the cat! I can imagine how she refuses to sit in the car, if the cat isn't there! hehe!!
Lovely colors you've used and I love the little crown over her head. :-)

Yatie said...

Thank you, ladies :D

chowchow said...

Lovely Lo - Nadia def loves her cat - too cute...

Ida said... fav word la it so much. btw you've been tagged!! Come and see!

Yatie said...

Thanks, Mich. She def does.. hehee!!

Thanks, Ida. Ok will check it out now

Leena said...

Lovely page Yatie! Thanks for your take on the SK challenge!

JazzScraps said...

That is so cute Yatie!!
Love that pic Nadiah sleeping with her cat!

Thanks for playing along in ScrappinKids!

Liza said...

Cantik..nya Yatie!! I love all your beautiful creations!! Keep inspiring us Always!!

Yatie said...

Thank you, ladies. It has been my pleasure to take part in SK challenges.


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