Monday, 15 October 2007

Delivery For Miss Yatie

They are finally here. My mystery box that I've been waiting for.

A few weeks ago I went on eBay and bought a mystery box. I was assured that there will be a mixture of scrapbooking stuff which will be worth twice what I paid for. And they sure were. I definitely paid a lot cheaper for the stuff. And that includes shipping rates.

I received flowers, ribbons, brads, foam stamps, acrylic paints, papers, stickers, albums, kits and loads more. I can’t wait to use them.

I took pictures, of course.... and here they are:

This is everything that comes in the box

Papers, kits, stickers, rub ons, albums etc

Embeliishments: ribbons, brads, metal plagues, flowers etc

I also bid on some clear acrylic stamps and have received the first package which includes two Autumn Leaves clear stamps, a Basic Grey alphabet diecuts and a bag of Prima flowers.


nad said...

wah bestnya... if u dun mind sharing... hw much u paid for the mystery box? ni from ebay us ye? x kena tax at custom?

Yatie said...

yup! bought kat ebay US. I paid $49 for the box and shipping was about $35 camtu which comes to about RM300 or so. But I can assure you the stuff are worth way more than that!!
Tak kena tax.. org cakap if the brg worth more than RM800 baru kena but I tak sure la betul ke tidak.

nad said...

gd lah kalau x kena tax... i risah kalau kena tax je... hw long brg sampai ye? bestnya... after reading ur blog.. i went to ebay... i won a bid.. tapi smaller box than urs kot... but looked worth it... so now kena tunggu brg sampai lah... so addictive lahh now eyeing for eyelets plak :P

Yatie said...

hahaha.. now you've been bitten by the ebay bug. it's definately addictive. Mine sampai cepat jugak la. not even 2 wks. maybe like 10 days kot.

don't forget to showcase the goods bila you dah dpt nanti...

nad said...

ebay mmg addictive... but b4 ni i x penah beli scrapbook stuffs from ebay lah just other items... ni pun still browsing... nak get some buttons & flowers plak...

Ida said...

wow bestnya! yummy..ha ha ha since semua dah banyak barang2 nanti bolehla kita start buat swap....

Yatie said...

yeah... blh la kita swap with each other. kita tunggu nad dpt barang2 dia.. heheheh!!

laydiefa said...

hi yatie, been following your blog since you did beading lagi. and now you're doing scrapbooking pulak kan :)

i'm more towards cardmaking actually. been doing that since small kid lagi. but scrapbooking and cardmaking stuff are all the same je kan.

some of my stuff i bought from ebay too. now i'm learning 'quilling'.

anyway, nak tanya, apa brand casing you letak all your stash tu yer? it looks so neat. right now i letak dalam ikea small jars or pill box (yang japanese made, they are all cute!). but i think your storage system is much more organized because everything within 1 box je. and from what i can see the separators are detachable. where can i get it ya?

have a nice day yatie ;) and still not too late for me to wish you and your family Salam Syawal.

Yatie said...

Hi laydiefa.
Thanks for visiting my blogs.

Wah... you are now into quilling pulak? So creative. It looks so complicated but the results are absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, Salam Aidilfitri to you too..

p/s. your embellishment box question is answered in the next posting

Wati Basri said...

look at that stash...u lucky girl! that is cheap..dftly worth it :)


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