Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Good Old Days

I had so much fun making a layout yesterday after a long break that I decided to make another one last night. I had been browsing Christine Middlecamp's blog last night and was inspired by her layering techniques. They was she just pile it up, you don't feel like everything is a mess. So armed with my Crate Paper goodies, I started layering and piling up. 

This id what I came up with:

Looks a little messy but not too bad, I think. The collection that I used is Restoration which I think goes with the old photo of me and my brothers taken some time in the 70s. If you noticed, the photo has a lot of white spots due to old age. This was actually scanned from the original photo and I decided not to do any touch ups to it just to add some uniqueness to the layout. In other words, I was just plain lazy.. hahahaa!!

Anyways, that's my attempt at layering. Needs more practice, that's for sure. Go check out Christine's work if you haven't already. She does some pretty amazing work.

Till the next time, thanks for stopping by!!

1 comment:

Blossom inch said...

awesome layering Yatie and what a nice photo...scrapping the memories...


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