Sunday, 3 May 2009

SK Ultimate Scrapper Season 2 - Final Day

The result is out. And the winner is....


Well done, babe!! You deserve the crown what with all the awesome work you came out with.

Well done also to Liza and Rowee for making it to the end!! It was a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it!!


Before I start with the final challenge for SK Ultimate Scrapper 2009, let me just wish everyone a happy National Scrapbooking Day (NSD)!!

I have to say that scrapbooking has literally changed my life. It has given me an outlet for my creativity as well as a solution to preserving my memories in a very creative way. Not to mention the friends that I've made over the years: those that share the same passion.. scrapbooking for the sake of the arts, and not for material gains. If we get recognition along the way... that's a bonus. At least we are able to share our knowledge with the others.

Ok, to pick up where I left off from yesterday, I managed to be exempted from Challenge #4 and go on to Challenge #5. The latter is the be the final challenge where we would be judged not by the speed of our work but by the quality.

The final challenge is:
1. to do a mini album by applying all the other challenges that you had done earlier. ie. challenge #1 - challenge #4
2. The mini album can be of any form
3. It has to have at least 5-6 pages
4. You have to post why you chose the kind of album, and explain to us all on your tricks and techs.
5. Tricks & Techniques applied will be a plus point.
6. This is all up to your creativity and interpretation
7. This is not a speed challenge, you work will be judge by our GUEST JUDGE

Honestly, I actually started out with a whole different album but halfway through I was not satisfied with what it was looking like and just stopped everything. After rummaging in my stash, I found a pack of 7Gypsies 6x6 board book and decided on a whole different look. And those pictures you see are the result of a 2 and half hours of working at a breakneck speed.

And at the end of the day, this is what my scrap table looked like...

But it was so worth it!! The challenges were... for lack of a better word, challenging!! The other ladies were all splendid and I would like to give a shout out to them for their amazing work.

And to Wati and all the RDs and DTs of ScrappinKids ==> you guys rock!!! Thank you so much!!

p/s. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 5pm.

Target: 100 LOs
Done: 77 LOs
To do: 23 LOs


Jasmin said...

Oh wow!! Yatie babe!!
Just by looking at what you've done throughout the SK Ultimate Scrapper leaves me exhausted too!! You are just simply amazing!! Your table still looks ok to me...mine would probably looked like a major tornado went through it with papers strewn all over and all the tools just all over the place!

Well done babe for getting through the Ultimate Scrapper challenge. And good luck too!


Chowchow said...

Wishing you all the best babe.

A job well done and rest well ok?

Yatie said...

Thanks, Jazz. Yeah, that table is pretty bad for me though. I was throwing everything around and at times couldn't find what I wanted.. :D

Thanks, Mich. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

teacher jessy said...

That table is not bad babe!! You must see mine... on the floor... just everywhere when I scrap!! LOL

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

hi babe!!!thanks for the kind words..and I must say I admire your shabby style!!


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