Friday, 13 February 2009

Birthday Wish - kLavu (January Giveaway Layout 2)

Here's the 2nd layout I made for the second winner of January Giveaway. This one is for kLavu. The picture is of her children with their grandfather on his birthday. I've inserted a blank journaling card for her to write something on it.

kLavu, hope you like it!!

Target: 100 LOs
Done: 27 LOs
To do: 73 LOs


kLavu said...

*THUMPING HEART* I'll comeback and look, pity I cant look at ur pics using this pc but I'm sure it'll be as marvelous as always :D thanx many many

klavu said...

wow *speechless* this really is different. I love it :D thanx a bunch mmwwaaaah

Yatie said...

Thanks, kLavu. I so glad that you like it. I'll mail it out to you soon, ok...


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