Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Blowing Bubbles

I didn't plan to make a layout today, let alone one made for a challenge. But I took one look at Iris' LO for June challenge in SnC Forum, and I literally ran to my scrap table to start a new page. I was so inspired!!

Her challenge was:
1. Incorporate at least one (art) medium you used as a child i.e. crayon, watercolor, pentel pens, etc.
2. Lay on the embellishments and goodies.. don't restrict yourself thinking about design principles, just have fun and use your stash!
3. Mix your papers - we sometimes get used to using papers from one collection/ manufacturer in our pages. But if we continue to do that we will end with lots of unused papers. So this month, let go of your fear of mismatching patterned papers. Just go with your instinct and create.

Here's my take:


chowchow said...

Yatie - you are fast gal. This lo is so beautiful and bongrat for winning a RAK for being the 1st to post the lo!!!

Yatie said...

I won a RAK?? OMG!! Really? Haven't check out the forum yet. But Iris' work is too beautiful that I was immediately inspired!!

Anis said...

Congrats sebab memang rak. Hopefully rak kasut tu cantik ;) Anyway aku gelka gila baca Nadiah teriak Danger masa irfan pi kacau pc dia ... hah lawak !

n said...

yatie, this LO is so so nice!!!!

Yatie said...

rak kasut??? haha.. very funny!!!
Have you seen Nadiah's videos yet?

Thanks, Nad.

SnazzyJazzie said...

hi yatie,
had a sneak peek at your blog and was blown away by your layouts!! and those flush of colours!! loved them to bits. will be tagging your site to mine.

Yatie said...

Hi snazzy,
Thanks a bunch for the compliments. I'll do the same with your blog.


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