Saturday, 10 November 2007

Tooth-less Smile

I caught the perfect picture of Nadiah giving a big smile after she lost her tooth. What an adorable picture of her lying on the grass. So I decided to scrap a layout.

For the first time I tried out sewing on a layout. It was great fun. Maybe next time I can try stitching two papers together. I also tried out my new chalk set by dabbing along the outer edges of the cardstock. Chalks can be great fun too...

Chipboard inked and stamped with image


My first try at stitching on the letter "L". As you can see I made a muck out of it. That suttle tone of red is the chalk effect. I should have used orangey colour but the chalk pallet set did not come with orange.


The Newborn Scrapper said...

wow yatie.. mastering more n more technique day by day!!

Yatie said...

hehee... barang dok ada might as well try them all out.

naddy said...

dulu i rajin gak jahit2 ehehe now kan mcm too many stuffs tatau mana satu nak guna kan ehehe but it's still fun :)

Yatie said...

nad, why don't we try one LO using every type of techniques, materials etc that we have? That would be soooo much fun!!


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